Gérim places the user at the centre of the project, and the project in its natural environment. Aware of environmental issues and our responsibilities, we design and build projects that meet the highest environmental quality standards. Gérim relies on its internal skills and capitalises on the expertise of its partner groups to develop a high quality living environment, while being proactive in protecting the natural environment.

Likewise, drawing on the know-how of Rabot Dutilleul, our building sites comply with an environmental charter. To reduce the impact that construction activities have on the environment, this charter contains 19 articles, including waste sorting and the reduction of noise pollution, dust emissions, etc.
Gérim has developed an internal Quality Control System and is ISO 9001 certified. Our other branches are in the process of obtaining certification. This system, which places safeguards on our activities, is being continuously improved for the benefit of our clients.
Ensuring safety is not simply a matter of following rules and regulations. At Gérim, safety is a priority. Raising awareness, providing information, organising training and carrying out checks are essential daily activities. All of our staff are involved in safety and we make a continuous effort to improve our working practices.