URBAWOOD OFFICES - LILLE (59) - 2,600 sq m

This four-storeyed low energy (BBC) and HQE certified building entirely made of wood was constructed in less than three months. Its specific features include the following: > A completely prefabricated post-and-beam structure made of glued laminated wood. The bearing façades, roofing and lift shafts all have spruce frames – pre-installed wood frames with low-emissivity insulating glazing. > Town gas heating with condensing boilers, balanced (double flow) ventilation. > Thermal performance levels that meet the RT2012 standard. This building is located at the heart of the Lille Metropolitan Area’s centre of excellence dedicated to information and communication technologies, known as Euratechnologies Park. This Park aims to reconcile the twin goals of economic development and urban regeneration. The development of this 100 hectare brownfield site aims to be exemplary in terms of meeting High Quality Environmental (HQE) standards.